As Governors at Wedmore First School Academy we are made up of people from the local community, parents and members of staff.   We all wish to make a positive contribution to the children’s development on an education and pastoral level.  We oversee school standards through setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluating school performance and sustaining the financial viability.  

We currently have 8 dedicated volunteers on our Governing Board  who meet twice a term to discuss various topics, make decisions, listen to reports from the head teacher and sub-committees.   The sub-committees are excellent working teams focusing on key areas such as finance, general property matters including health and safety, school development, curriculum, human resources, admissions and attendance.  Our two main sub-committees meet twice a term to cover these topics. 

WFSA Governors:

  • Derek Logan (Chair)                   Email:
  • Tim Moreman (Vice Chair) 
  • Denise Mawdsley (Head)
  • Sue Ham (Deputy Head)
  • Val Jones (Staff)
  • Sarah Rant 
  • Susan James                             Email:
  • Tom Gascoyne
  • Bethan Parsley
  • Sarah Maddock
  • Melissa Cullum
  • Linda Leavey (Clerk)                 Email:

Please feel free to speak to any Governor if you need further information.  If you are interested in becoming a governor at Wedmore First School Academy please contact Linda Leavey, Clerk to the Governors who will be happy to answer initial questions and explain what is expected or the process of becomming a Governor in more detail.

Full Minutes of all meetings are available within the school.  Minutes for the Main/local Governing Body for the academic years are available below:

Wedmore First School Academy is a part of the Wessex Learning Trust, a multi-academy trust serving the Cheddar valley.

The Wessex Learning Trust website contains details of the trust, it's structure and agreements together with the Goverance Handbook. Please click on the link below.

Members of the WLT Trust

  •  Rev Richard Neill (Foundation Member)
  • Martin Davey
  • Brian Kirkup
  • Richard Oliver
  •  WLT Directors of the Trust 
  •  Rev John Angle (Foundation Director)
  • Charlie Ainge
  • Gillian Briggs
  • Alan Davies
  • Paul Kelson
  • Brian Kirkup
  • Sheridan Flavin
  • Sue Moreman (Foundation Director)
  • Tanya Raynes
  • Gareth Smith
  • Kevin Walke (Foundation Director)
  • Gareth Woodcock