School Council

The school council is made up of two representatives from each class who are nominated and voted for by the children at the start of each academic year.

They meet regularly to discuss current issues within school and to discuss fundraising opportunities, both for worthwhile charitable causes such as Children in Need, Comic Relief and the NSPCC as well as for their themselves to put to good use within school.

The children are currently involved in development a playground enhancement plan now that the building project has been completed, in order to make playtimes more fun.

School Councillors 2018/19

tbc Freddie & Joseph
Dennis & Millaray tbc
Noah & Chloe S Aidan & Alice

Autumn Term 2017

The autumn term was a busy one for the School Council. Once representatives were duly elected, their first job was to sell poppies and poppy related items for the Royal British Legion to mark Remembrance Day in November. They did a sterling job raising £65.79.

Their first main challenge was to decide upon fundraising ideas for Children in Need in November. The day included donating money to be able to wear spotty themed mufti clothes for the day, a Children in Need themed birthday card competition for Mrs Ham's special birthday which coincided with the day's events. The councillors had a tricky job deciding on the winners! Mrs Ham had managed to arrange a surprise for the day as well -  Pudsey Bear himself popped in to say hello and thank you for their fundraising efforts! Pudsey stayed for our weekly Celebration Assembly and presented the birthday card competition winners' prizes. The day was finished off with an ice-cream sale; according to the children, it's never too cold for ice-cream! Again, a marvellous amount £401.58 was raised for the benefit of needy children; well done to the team and everyone who took part.

Pudsey Bear

Spring Term 2018

This term the School Council will be discussing a draft of a Wedmore child friendly Safeguarding Policy with their classes following on from the introduction of a child friendly Anti-Bullying leaflet last year which is available in all the classrooms. Safeguarding is a high priority in school and it is important that the children understand what this term means and how to protect and help themselves and others.

They will also be making plans for Sport Relief which falls on the final day of the Spring term at school. Mr Wookey as PE lead, will be meeting with the School Council to help the children decide what they would like to do. Details will be sent home once a plan has been agreed upon.

Summer Term 2018

The plan is for the School Council to arrange a fundraising event for the benefit of the children in their school, having raised money for other worthwhile causes through the year so far. Watch this space to see what they decide to do!