Father's Day Lunch Timings

Father's Day Lunch Timings

Father's Day Lunch Timings

We will be sending the children into lunch in class order and you should arrive to meet your children in the Learning Zone at the following times:

Friday 15 June 2018

Squirrel 12.00pm
Robin 12.15pm
Hedgehog 12.50pm
Owl 1.05pm

Friday 23 June 2018

Duck 12.00pm
Fox 12.20pm
Rabbit 12.45pm
Skylark 1.05pm

Please do not arrive any earlier as we have very limited waiting space available.

If you have more than one sibling at the school, please arrive at the time of your youngest child, we will arrange for older siblings to be their too.

Please do bear with us as these timings may vary due to the volume of lunches we are serving.

If you have not already ordered a lunch, please email the school office with your request.