Robin Class


Welcome to Robin class page

Our teacher is Mrs Tratt & Mrs Jones and our teaching assistant is Mrs Harris. We are a reception class.



Reading with Robins

We are well on our way to learning to read. So far we have learnt a lot of new sounds and are able to recognise them, say them, hear them and write them. Now we are beginning to put the sounds together so that we can read and write words.

We use the Read Write Inc programme to teach reading and writing; the link below will take you to the Read Write Inc parent information page.

The films on this page show you how we are teaching in class and will help you to support your child at home.

Reading to and with your child every evening for at least ten minutes can make a dramatic difference to a child's achievement within school. A report from Oxford University Press highlighted the importance of parents reading with their children. 'Children who read outside of class are 13 times more likely to read above the expected level for their age'.

The report also offers six tips for reading with your child at home:

  1. Make time to read - even ten minutes a day
  2. Choose different types of books
  3. Take turns to read
  4. Talk about the book - asking your child questions
  5. Pay attention to the language, talk about the meaning of the words
  6. Enjoy reading

Book bags should be brought into school every day and put in the children's drawers. Books will be changed on Monday and Friday and should be placed in the basket above the children's drawers. When you have heard your child read please put a brief comment about how they read and the page number they read up to in their yellow Reading Diary.

Happy reading!