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PTA Class Coin Challenge

Fri 23 February 18

This year the PTA are replacing the Smarties Challenge with the Class Coin Challenge. Over the next few weeks we would like the children to collect as many coins as they can in return for doing jobs at home.  These can include any type of coins. 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p 50p or even £1 coins.  After half term, on Friday 23rd February, once all the coins have been collected, each Class will be asked to try and make the longest coin line! The Class with the longest coin line will be the winners!!!!  ALL the money raised by the children will go towards buying them some new ‘huff and puff’ play toys for break time!

The PTA would like to thank you for your ongoing support! We will look forward to seeing how long each class can make their line on Friday 23rd February!

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